In Retrospect: Fable 2

Welcome to In Retrospect, a weekly segment in which I will be jumping into older titles, some that I’ve played before and some that I’ll be experiencing for the first time. But no matter what, it’ll all be a good time, so come have a read! To celebrate the start of what I think isContinue reading “In Retrospect: Fable 2”

GTA Online and Red Dead Online receiving significant new updates

Rockstar announced today that both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online will be getting significant updates soon. Heists have been one of the most exciting features in GTA Online since their launch in 2015, with new heists being added often. Since launch, The Doomsday Heist and The Casino Heist have both been addedContinue reading “GTA Online and Red Dead Online receiving significant new updates”

Xbox Summer Games Fest

If you go the the Xbox store and press browse games, then scroll down, you’ll see this little thing called the Summer Games Fest, packed full of roughly 70 different demos to try out until Monday. Here’s some of the demos you should try this weekend through the Xbox Summer Games Fest Demo Event! WithContinue reading “Xbox Summer Games Fest”