PS5 UK Stock: Will there be more Stock before Christmas?

This week, many retailers across the UK had more PS5 stock available to buy. However, they all sold out almost instantly, with no stock left to be seen at this time. Shoppers continue to be frustrated, especially due to shady practices from some retailers. Now, many are left wondering one question. Will there be more stock before Christmas?

Argos released more stock on December 3rd 2020 at 3am. This meant that people woke up that morning to realise that the console was, yet again, out of stock for the foreseeable future. It remains to be seen why the retailer decided to release stock at 3am. It was probably to reduce strain on the website, but this comes with negatives. Whilst wishful shoppers slept, bots were active on the sites, meaning that all the consoles were purchased quickly. Of course, there are likely to be many people who managed to secure a console. However, it is clear that scalpers continue to successfully buy the PS5 and sell it on resale sites for a large profit.

Scalpers have plagued this console launch for almost a month, leading many to complain that the PS5 is too difficult to buy. Argos’ decision to launch more stock at 3am means that this situation continues to grow worse. Furthermore, it now seems that many retailers don’t expect more stock until the new year.

Some large retailers, such as Amazon and Game, are unsure when more stock will be available. Game are still allowing pre-orders, but deliveries are on hold until more stock is produced and previous pre-orders are fulfilled. However, one retailer is offering a potential date. Smyths are suggesting that more stock will be available in January 2021. Unfortunately, that means there is unlikely to be more stock before Christmas Day.

The Xbox Series X also launched in November and faces many of the same problems. The console has been extremely difficult to buy. However, there was an official statement made by Xbox CFO Tim Stuart which provides a time-frame regarding how long these stock issues could last. He confirmed that stock will continue to be short until at least April 2021 at the recent Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Conference, which was transcribed here. This could also be the case for the PS5, meaning that this shopper’s nightmare could continue for quite some time.

Have you managed to secure a PS5? Let me know in the comments! Check out more from me below:

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