PS5 UK Launch – Stock, Launch Titles and More

It’s finally here. Today, the PS5 officially launches in the UK, along with various other countries. The console is now out across the world, after it’s debut in the US, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and other territories last week. Here’s everything you need to know for the PS5 UK Launch!

Will There be Stock on Launch?

The good news is you will have the chance to secure a PS5 today, if you’re lucky. Various retailers will be releasing the stock throughout the day. You can find links to the few that have announced stock below:

Game – 9am – Potential stock

Amazon – 12pm – Potential stock

Currys – 9am – Potential stockUPDATE: Currently postponed until later in the day

Very – mid-morning – Potential stock

Other retailers have not suggested there will be stock, but it’s worth checking everywhere to be safe.

What Games are Releasing on Launch?

The PS5 has a great list of launch titles to dive into this weekend. Sony are leading the way with exclusives, offering fans three Playstation exclusive games to enjoy. Here are some of the great games you can dive into today:

There are plenty of other games that are receiving next-gen upgrades, such as Watch Dogs: Legion, No Mans Sky and Borderlands 3.

I haven’t had chance to review these games due to Internet issues, but I recommend Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, both of which I’ve had a chance to play. Valhalla is a fantastic, immersive RPG that really sold me on the chaotic Viking fantasy, whilst Cold War is exactly what I loved about the original Black Ops game. It’s cool, gritty and the zombies is awesome! I’ll hopefully have a full review coming soon.

PS5 Launch Bugs

This extra week of waiting for Sony’s new console has been interesting, as we have essentially been watching the US, Japan and Australia beta test the console for us. Many are happy and songs of praise about the Dualsense controller haven’t stopped all week. However, there are also plenty of cautionary tales which deserve to be mentioned.

Miles Morales and Spider-Man Remastered seem to cause the console to crash when they are still active in rest mode. This has been reported by multiple users on Twitter, prompting developer Insomniac to look into the issue. There doesn’t seem to be a fix yet. In the meantime, the developers suggest that you fully close those games down before using rest mode.

There also seems to be issues when downloading certain games. According to IGN, there is an issue that causes certain PS5 games to get stuck in a ‘queued-for-download’ state. This issue seems to particularly affect the PS5 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Activision have said the only fix, for now, is to factory reset your console, meaning you’ll have to wipe it clean and start anew.

There are plenty of other bugs and issues, but these are the two major ones. I’ll keep you updated if there is any word of a fix from Sony.

That’s everything you need to know about the PS5 on launch day! You can check out more from me below:

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Stay tuned to The Games Freak for all the latest gaming news!

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