Xbox Series S Price Revealed: Let’s Talk About It

It’s a dreary Tuesday morning here in the UK. I didn’t expect much from today, but then Xbox dropped the Series S reveal and price in a TWEET! I’m shocked, truly. I can’t believe how quickly it happened, and it really was out of nowhere. Let’s talk about it and what this means for next-gen and the PS5.

The Xbox Series S, previously codenamed Lockhart, is the lower end next-gen Xbox model releasing this Holiday. Today, Xbox announced it will cost £249.99/$299.99. Factually, this is one of the best launch prices we’ve ever seen for a console. It’s insanely affordable. We don’t know the specs yet, true, but we can assume it’s somewhere between the currently available Xbox One S and the upcoming Series X. Who would’ve thought we’d see a next-gen console under $300. That’s crazy.

I’ve seen lots of speculation about what this could mean. Lots of people suggest it will be significantly less powerful than the Series X. I think we might be surprised by it’s power, and here’s why.

The Series S will not include the blu-ray drive housed in the Series X. This easily knocks off £50. Also remember Halo Infinite has been delayed, so it isn’t shipping with a launch title. This also brings down the price by possibly another £50. Then remember that we know Xbox want to undercut Sony’s Playstation prices this generation. This likely brings down the price even further. I don’t think the Series S will do 4k 60fps like Microsoft are claiming for the higher end Series X. But I do think we’ll see a 500GB SSD. I do think we’ll see high framerates, probably 1080p 60FPS. How can they do this? Simple. Game pass. They want you to buy into the console, and then subscribe to game pass ultimate which is where they are hoping to make a profit in the next-gen.

I’m all for it.

Game pass is the best deal in gaming, hands down. If they can get people saying the same thing about the Series S then Xbox will have a winner. They need to get back to number 1 in the eyes of the public. Yes, I hate console wars as much as the next person, and I am by no means trying to start a console war. But, it’s a fact that Sony have dominated this generation, and rightfully so. Xbox have been pushed to the side. And we need them to fight their way back into the market, because competition is healthy! It drives pro-consumer moves like cross-play, like game pass, like affordable consoles! This could be how Xbox makes their comeback. This could win over the general public.

Now let’s talk about Sony. We already know we are getting two versions of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 and PS5 Digital will release with only one difference: the disc drive. Simply, one console has a disc drive and one doesn’t. Now we have to ask, with only that one difference, how much can they shave off the price for the digital model. £50 maybe? Since both consoles otherwise offer the same specs, they can’t be priced that differently, and I imagine that’s put Sony in a tough situation here because they might not have a contending price point. We’ll likely see the PS5 digital at £349.99 and the PS5 at £399, or £449.99 and £499.99 depending on how powerful the console truly is. Either way, that puts it leaps and bounds ahead of the Series S price, and that has to make Sony nervous. I do wonder whether we’ll see the digital edition priced significantly lower to contend with the Series S. Only time will tell.

I expect we’ll see a lot more on prices for all the upcoming consoles in the near future, so stay tuned to The Games Freak and Generation Xbox for all the latest gaming news. I’ll let you know as soon as I hear more folks. Share your thoughts in the comments below, or over on my social media.

Published by Hayden Hefford

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