A Note From Me to You

Exciting news ahead! I’m now an editor and writer for Generation Xbox, so if you need gaming news and me put together, you should definitely head there… (no seriously, go check it out now!).

Here at The Games Freak, you’ll now get to see more of my personal thoughts (like this one!). I’ll still bring you PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC news when I can. I love all platforms with a passion. When I have the time, I’ll bring you reviews for games on those platforms. But for multiplatform games and Xbox exclusives, it’ll all be over on Generation Xbox for now. It’s a great site with an amazing community that I’d love to see you join. A few rules as always:

  • It’s a kind, friendly place to discuss games. None of the disgusting ‘hater’ hivemind that is spread across the internet allowed. We love discussion, and we welcome both positive and negative views as long as they are presented in a welcoming, non-aggressive manner.
  • Above all else, it must be kind-hearted, engaging and inclusive. Gaming is for everyone, and we are for everyone. You (yes, you!) are welcome! Come say hi in the comments or on our social media!
  • Be ready to talk about Xbox (we certainly love the platform!)

I hope you’ll stick around here for more of my rants. I hope you’ll come say hi on Twitch. And I really hope you’ll come see the great work we are doing at Generation Xbox! See you all soon folks!

P.S. I’m working on my next In Retrospect segment… Final Fantasy Vii is long!

Published by Hayden Hefford

Hi, I'm Hayden! I'm an editor for the site and also a member of the Generation Xbox Podcast! I'm a big fan of RPGs (tabletop and video games!), but I've also got a huge sweet spot for Survival games. Zombie Survival games are a big yes in my book. Oh, and if you still watch The Walking Dead, I'm your guy!

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