Developer Interviews #6: Bit Loom Games’ ‘PHOGS!’

PHOGS! is a puzzle game being developed by Bit Loom Games. In PHOGS! you play as a two headed dog called Red and Blue. This dog goes on adventures through various themed worlds – Food, Sleep and Play. You can jump into this adventure in co-op, or you can play solo using each thumb-stick to move each of the dog’s heads.

The game has 24 exciting levels, which take you through the three worlds. Food World is full of snacks like food, celery and even a chocolate river. The dogs can even find little chilis to eat which give them fiery power-ups. Sleep world is much calmer, nestled in the glow of the night-light. You’ll puzzle your way through this world whilst surrounded by teddy bears, pillows and duvets. Play World is much crazier, featuring seaside funfairs and even an arcade to explore, complete with lots of little minigames.

PHOGS! was featured in the Xbox Summer Games Fest Demo Event and I was able to ask the team some questions about the game. Let’s jump in and find out more about PHOGS!

Credit: Bit Loom Games

What previous experience did the team at Bit Loom Games have before starting work on ‘PHOGS!’?

‘PHOGS! is our first title working together as a team but before PHOGS!, we’ve had experience ranging from releasing tiny indie games on Steam to working on a AAA VR title.’

What was your inspiration for PHOGS! ?

‘The three of us at Bit Loom wanted to create a game that encouraged people to play together cooperatively and one of the first ideas we had was to tie the players together in the game. We quickly came upon the idea of having a long stretchy character with two heads and the PHOGS! were born!’

Credit: Bit Loom Games

Where did the idea of a two-headed dog as the player character come from?

‘We wanted to create a character that could work with no arms and legs to fit the wobbly body idea and since dogs interact with the world mostly through their mouths it seemed like a perfect fit.’

There are three game worlds for the player to explore – Food, Sleep and Play. Can you share more on what are the differences between these three worlds? What keeps the game feeling fresh?

‘We tried to give the three worlds their own unique identity through the theming of the visuals and puzzles, each part of the game has its own distinct feeling with surprises waiting for you around every corner. For instance in Play world you go from a seaside funfair in the first level to a neon arcade by the third level!’

Credit: Bit Loom Games

What advice would you give to siblings/friends/a couple playing the game together and struggling to co-operate? Any tips? I’ve played with my girlfriend and we did get a little frustrated with each other…

‘Communicating with your other PHOG half is key and although there are lots of puzzles in PHOGS! there are other things to play with and discover along the way. We have seen people try to bark along to the music, get up to places they aren’t supposed to and even tie the PHOGS! into a knot! We ultimately wanted the game to be a relaxing experience where there are little to no wrong answers so it’s more about finding what you find fun about playing with your co-operator.’

Credit: Bit Loom Games

How has the reception to PHOGS! been so far?

‘We’ve been blown away by the response to the game so far, having the demo out there both on Steam and Xbox has been great to see people playing through and having a great time. People seem to really get behind the cuteness and friendliness of the worlds that we tried to get across.’

Credit: Bit Loom Games

PHOGS! will be releasing on Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch & Steam later this year. This is Bit Loom Games debut title as an independent studio, and it is a lot of fun. They are already showing their talent and I’m sure this will be the first of many successful games for the team. The demo is still available now, so go check it out! You can also see the trailer below, and follow Bit Loom Games on Facebook and Twitter.

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