Developer Interviews #2: Vidama Software’s ‘Dungeon Scavenger’

Dungeon Scavenger is an RPG that had a demo featured in the Xbox Summer Games Fest Demo Event. The developers Vidama Software answered some questions about their inspiration, the features in the game and the future for the studio. Let’s jump in and find out more about the game!

Credit: Vidama Software

When did you start working on Dungeon Scavenger? What previous experience did you have?

‘It all started in the summer of 2018. As an avid gamer that loves old school dungeon crawlers, I could not find one that particularly scratched my itch to play one. I stumbled on Unity and started to practice it. It helped that I have a BS in computer science and been a database administrator for many years. I did not know C# before starting Unity.’

What video games inspired you to make Dungeon Scavenger? Would you say you were also inspired by tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons?

‘Rpgs have been my favorite games since I was a teenager. Dungeon and Dragons with friends, Heroes of Might and Magic and Daggerfall were my early entries into the genre. The inspiration for Dungeon Scavenger would be a great gem of a game Ascension Demise and the events and combat are similar to Neo Scavenger.’

Credit: Vidama Software

How have you made each class different? There’s a lot to pick from.

‘All aspects of the game were improved through iteration with my customers. I started with 6 and steadily my users have helped me improve on them and add more features. The best thing I have ever done is incorporate user feedback from the very first build. The first build I released was completely different from the game today, you used to go about the dungeon in 3d and open actual doors.’

Would you refer to your game as a roguelike? It has similarities, such as the wide range of loot to find and the procedural randomly generated levels.

‘The game is very similar to a roguelike, except on the terminality of dying and starting all over from zero. In Ironman mode, if you die you will lose the Ironman track and convert to an Impossible track which is permanent but you do not lose the character you spent time developing. Other than that, the procedural loot and map levels are very similar.’

Credit: Vidama Software

I saw you have Color Blind Friendly settings in your game. How important do you think accessibility features such as this are? How can more developers implement them? What else can be done to make games more accessible?

‘One of my main testers and users, which logged over 400 hours in the game, is color blind. He educated me on the difficulties for that segment of the gaming population that struggles in this modern gaming world. I felt his plight and did my best to improve his and other user’s experience. Like many changes in our society that improves accessibility, it can add a benefit to every one that wants a personalized version of your experience. While they can be complicated, they are a necessary part and I hope developers try more to improve it.’

What made you bring the game to Xbox after Steam and Android?

‘Xbox teams have been enthusiastic and extremely helpful in bringing the game to their platform. I could not have hoped for a better reception and process when I applied back in December. My game aIso can benefit from console controls due to the smaller amount of options during combat.’

Credit: Vidama Software

Can you explain the ‘innovative random combat system’ a bit more for my readers?

‘The main concept is to have only 6 choices in combat and to see that you can see if you obtained a critical dice roll before you decide to use the attack or spell. Now usually that would mean to always select the improved option of the 6 available to you, but battle conditions might make you decide to defend a big attack even while getting a super duper critical option. While I have seen it in other games in a similar aspect (Neo Scavenger), my interpretation is applied to the typical use of Criticals and Multiple hits in RPGs.’

When did you decide to make the Inferno DLC? What does this add to the experience?

‘The game can be completed under 10 hours with one class in Easy mode, which would have users ask for more content past the original game. The expansion adds to the content by going into the Inferno world and defeating the mastermind behind the attacks. It additionally adds perks, a new equipment slot, enhancements to equipment and a new feature to combat that can disable 2 of your 6 options temporarily. The game is vastly improved over the original.’

Credit: Vidama Software

The most exciting news came as I asked about the future of the team. Vidama Software elaborate on their plans for a sequel which is already in the works and will be a vast improvement on the current game.

What do you see the team doing after finishing Dungeon Scavenger and it’s Inferno DLC? What’s in the future for Vidama Software?

‘The future is already in progress with a Dungeon Scavenger 2 game. We envision an isometric battlefield that will allow you to have more pets and for the enemy to have minions of its own. The map will improve and be more like the beloved Heroes of Might and Magic series. The main story will be more engaging and provide at least 20 hours of content.’

Dungeon Scavenger is available now on Xbox, Steam and Android. The sequel is currently in the works and as soon as I get more news on that I’ll be sure to share it with you! Check out the traier for the game below!

Credit: Vidama Software

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